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Greek Orthodox Community of Leeds
The Three Hierarchs

We are delighted and excited to announce that our new school building is almost ready to welcome our pupils.
Thanks to the continued support of the parents and community over several years though the various fund raising events (such as school shows, community events, monetary donations, school lunches and tuck shop, together with other numerous volunteering activities) we have managed to transform 31 Avenue Crescent into a dedicated school building.  The £175,000 cost of the building purchase was funded by the community and underwritten by the Trustees through a mortgage which is being paid off steadily.  The £80k+ refurbishment is being paid for by the school.  Many people (past committee and parents included) have dedicated lots of hours of hard work to get us this far and we are very thankful and proud to say that we have finally managed it!
Therefore we’d like to invite you to our open days on Saturday 24th November and Saturday 1st December from 10.30am to 3.00pm. You’ll have the opportunity to view the new school and walk around inside. You can also ask questions, and share any ideas you have for solutions to some remaining issues.
We still need to buy dedicated school furniture so our fund raising will continue but importantly the building is ready.  Finally, it is also worth mentioning that all our reserves have been spent on the refurbishment and we are now totally dependent on school fees and future fund raising to keep our school running.